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Insert: 05.09.2009
This review I am writing in Croatia. Outside is about 30 degree in a shade, so perhaps I ll cool myself down by thoughts of 2009 season. My first resort review is from Rauris. Personally, I belong to RIDERS, who do not seek mass resorts such as Val Thoren, Verbier, but smaller unexplored resorts. Rauris is really small in terms of skiers, but in better than average in terms of opportunities for perfect runs.

Resort, what we have discovered is purely by chance by choice, where it was at that moment the most snow. This  resort is so remote that in my 15 days on skies, we have not met any freeriders, it means that you are the one who is gonna make the first line and turns!

Rauris is a perfect resort, even if there is a total mist or when is total azuro. Stay accoriding the situation below in the woods or after about 15 minutes of hike to the lighter Big Mountain line. But the specialty of this resort are the woods and windbreaks, which are in this area enough. Austria's loggers really do their job well so when catching a powder day and is enought snow all the time you go on the full trottle. And now further to various runs where to go but for SNB there are a few restrictions, where if you do not have a real aurora you are gonna slow the rest of the group pretty well and without any outside help you just can't do.

Description of the runs - the lower part of the resort:

Run 6

The lower part of the Center is particularly suitable when the fog and snow in the upper parts of the Center can not see anything. If you go from the end of the anchor 2 in the map towards a slight peak, it opens you a wealth of reunions. Under the conditions you can go all the way down to the bottom station of the cabin. Journey to the summit is part of the cross-country skiing tracks, so the problem does not occur until the end.

Run 7

On Route 7 turns of the distances, which connects the right and left of center, Congress recently the needle slowly starting kindergarten, but the bottom is really great. Heated part of approximately 500 m long in windbreaks.

Run 8

Starts from the other side and crosses the center really grown slightly from a nursery. Tudle I would recommend the Center experienced freeriderům. Extreme boarding area is only for ski, because the lower parts of stream flows and snb it follows the path 40 minutes after his head in the snow.


Description of the runs - the upper part of the resort:

The upper part of the center does not offer any overtly BM line. Rather, such a peaceful path with a few dropíkama which result in great plains. In one center in the plains does not, so they are just for you. Note - Always keep audited avalanche situation.


The upper part is really beginning freerider, after a short haiku about slopes go down to the point where the downhill course you need to connect, otherwise you get into another valley, and it is already a different story.

Run 7

After a little more complex and longer hiku about 20 minutes before you are beautiful long rides broken rock thresholds, which can dropovat. These paths are not passed after 3 day Azur.

Run 8

The valley to itself. Several tracks here you run "chips" because it is throwing anchor directly into freeride. The area is quite clear, so you can see, if you choose a hike and go up to the ridge or ride around the anchor. In the place where the exclamation point on the map near the anchor 4 is quite large avalanche field, in this place we saw an avalanche of 100 x 50m. On the opposite side of the valley is a long hike, which starts in the second half of the Center of the anchor 5, the route is more for alpine touring, which can go on and on. The lower and upper part of the map offers countless conventions and options. This map is only indicative, in order not to lose the first few days and you did not go around the slopes, if necessary under the cloud.


Center offers a similar driving, they are more hills to start a freerider. People who no longer afraid BM lajn would recommend this area at the beginning of winter, when it is necessary to keep in the woods. 


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