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The Pustevny meeting

The Pustevny meeting

when powderline is having a powder meeting

Insert: 07.12.2010
Finally te powder came here to Beskydy mountains. This means that powderline riders are going tho shred local woods and powder fields. Sometimes we got lucky and have a meeting on the parking in the resort. So check out this article and photos...
Photo: Tom Nováček, Rider: Adis
Photo: Tom Nováček, Rider: Simča

Heavy snowfall during the week provoked the freeride enthusiast first trip to the home resort Pustevny on Saturday, December 4th! Snow promised powder experiences on the grassy ground, which was confirmed. The first powder with fantastic weather put no worries of broken skis, snowboards and bodies.

I’m expecting the bus at 8:15 am fromRoznov overcrowded to roof. Surprisingly there were just a few people at the station, mostly cross-country skiers, several skiers and bunch of snowboarders. The driver can handle without problems pitfalls winter travel, and we are at Pustevny around 9 am. It isn’t much snow in the woods, so we decide to ride open spaces.

The first couple of rides we roll after roll on old piste and climb up by chairlift. The snow in the meadow is just right, but not much in the woods. At the cable car station we met Gazman and Komanc, whom show us that is enough snow in woods later. We decided that not trying the forest would be a mistake of the day!

First problems with small trees are soon forgotten and we are enjoying a home woodoofreeride! True, the background is not exactly the best, so the grass, rocks and tree stumps meet ski base in every corner ... But pow is pow!

At the end of day our team apart. Snowboarders hike toRadhošťand then ride down to Dolni Becva, and rest of us choose to transfer from Pustevnyto Roznovby bus. This Saturday was extremely reeling, we bravely pollen powder, sun was shining, and broken equipment was fixed by enthusiasm from the first powder turns of this season.
Author: Tom Nováček
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