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Arlberg powder

Arlberg powder

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Insert: 29.02.2016

This winter is not really what we expected and that is why every powder day is unique. So we went to explore some powder terrains in the Austrian Arlberg. And how it went? I guess you will see in the following article and gallery.

Photo: Tomáš Zelinka, Rider: Radek Blažek

Like for the every year, awaiting of the first powder snow was endless. It seems like the nature due to human’s negative impact, just do not know what to do. So for that reason our first trips aimed only for hard packed ski slopes located in the Alps. Recently and based on the last couple of winters, the weather fronts coming primarily from the west and that is why the nearest resort we had decided for was location around Arlberg area.  Journey went just fine besides last 200km where we got caught up by heavy dump of snow. This nonetheless raised in us high hopes for the deep fresh pow.

Morning arrival to unknown resort called Lech wasn’t that easy, however the vibe of the first pow of the season shattered any worries. Fony (a team member) who was so excited, could not have been hold back by even 5 years old clothes, with water slope 10 000mm/10 000mm already not functioning.

After the first day of diving in the fresh deep pow, we moved to our accommodations in Landek without any difficulties despite the all the signs along the road advising for snow chains.

Well I believe it’s not necessary to write pages of stories what we had experienced other days, only that it was a lot of hard work for us including lots of overtimes. With hitting resorts like Sonnenkop and St. Anton we really did out time there, not taking lunch breaks included. 

The day before the last the rest of the group left us behind with all the backlog of work to do. Last survivals were me and bro with having the last day at the doorstep.  Last did not start very well at the resort "Wurz" but as soon as we moved out to Zug, excitement exploded. Found a lot of untouched snow at undiscovered part of the resort made our day.

Gallery HERE.

Author: Martin Knybel

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