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Adam Clark exclusively for Powderline

Adam Clark exclusively for Powderline

the life behind lenses

Insert: 21.12.2010
So we have got here another exclusive interview from our serie. It is not with rider this time, but with a man behind the lens. We are very proud to introduce to you, The man behind the lense: Adam Clark, who is one from the most famous freeride photographers. So check it out!!!
Ingrid Backstrom Photo: Adam Clark
Photo: Adam Clark
AK Photo: Adam Clark
Photo: Adam Clark
Alaska, Photo: Adam Clark

Hi Adam, warm-up question, is there already snow  in Salt Lake City?

Oh Yeah! It just snowed a foot, there’s a 32inch base and its supposed to snow 3-4 feet in the next few days. Really stoked since I haven’t spent much time at home and now I can stay home for a bit. (interview is from late November)

But now to you, taking photos and skiikg ... Could you remember your first photo for which you got payed? If you do, what was on it and where could we find it (the photo)?

I remember very well! It was a photo of Dave Richards, a friend from Utah, he skied in TGR movies some years ago. Powder magazine was doing a profile of him and used a 1/4pg photo, 75$.

There are skiers on lots of your photos ... Did you come to photography skiing accidentally or did you go for it as for your target/dream?

Dream came True for me, it was still a surprise that when I picked up a camera I would like it so much.

When you go somewhere to shoot, can you good ski as well or skiing must go aside and you push mainly the shooting?

Some days its all about the shooting, heavy backpack, tripod, not much skiing. But some days I just have one camera, one lens and get to ski a lot!

Stay by the skiing for a while ... How did seem your beginnings with skis and how was your way to freeride?

I grew up skiing with my parents, they always supported being outside, being creative and I skied as soon as I could walk. In Utah there is an amazing skiing community so it was easy to keep the skiing in my life.

Did you want to succeed as a skier or you’ve never been attracted to it?

No, I always wanted to be a photographer, I need the creativity in my life and I don’t need that much adrenaline.

During pohotgraphy you met lots of really big names of freeskiing, with whom of those do you work best as a photographer?

The North Face team is my favorite to work with, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ingrid Backstrom, Dana Flahr, Ian McIntosh.

Now the question, which could interest photography fans... What equipment do you take with to the action?

Canon 1d mark III
Canon 7D
Canon 15mmfisheye 2.8
Canon 24-105 4.0 L
Canon 70-200 2.8
Canon 300 2.8 (mostly just use it in Alaska)
Canon 1.4extender
Elinchrom Ranger Flash

Don’t you have a problem to pack it all in a backpack? When I think about, that I have a problem to pack my skiing equipment, the idea, that I pack also photo equipment really scares me.

Haha, I have a custom made pack, I’m pretty tall, 6‘3“,  so I wanted a long pack, but there are many good pack companies out there I would guess, but I’ve always had a custom pack.

A lot of skiers has a dream to do skiing to Alaska or some other great place, but what’s my point ... Do you have some „photograph dream“? Some place, thing, person...

I have always wanted to help with conservation and wilderness preservation, I’m not sure how that will happen but it’s a dream for my photos to help with that. For skiing Alaska was a dream come true, its still a dream come true every year.

I asked all skiers I’ve ever interviewed if there’s some question, which nobody asked them but they’d like to answer it, so I ask you too... Is there some question like that?

Good question! I don’t have anything for it, but it makes me think, whats the most important part of being a ski photographer, why do I do it? Haha, I don’t know, it just feels like the thing to do right now.

Would you like to say something at the end of our interview?

Thanks to all the amazing skiers I get to work with, so much respect!!!
Thanks for your time, it’s been a pleasure!
Interviewer: Jakub Cada
OAeV - Alpenverein

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