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Kamchatka 2009

Kamchatka 2009

Skialp on Kamchatka

Insert: 10.08.2009
At this year for foreign alpine touring, we went back to the east. After the adventures of Montenegro in 2007, 2008 or Ukraine, Bulgaria 2009 , we went a couple of thousand miles away. Our goal was volcanoes around Kamchatsky Petropavlovsk in Russia. Because of exam period and work we had to plan whole expedition for only 17 days, but it was full of new experience and unforgettable moments. The 25 May - strong group of 6 peoples leaves CR to Vienna, others from Prague. Then we met in Moscow, where we passes on a domestic flight direction of Kamchatka.
Když máte nadváhu
Viljučinskij v mracích
Vulkán Korjaskij
Sopka Avačinskaja 2741m
Cesta k úpatí 13km
K vrcholu Viljučinskij zbyvá 1000m výškových

On the site we   have to join our  Slovak  4people  group, which started two days earlier. The biggest issue   was the weight of luggage, with classical economy class,   that  is allowed 20 kg, plus hand luggage, for a winter event does not possible to packs. In addition to all ski equipment, we have tents, sleeping bags, climbing ropes, etc.

So we are dressed up in two jackets, five shirts, two trousers and a helmet on his head and skeleton ski boots, I think that the added photo says it all. And so I did in Moscow was paying for excess baggage in terms of 40 EUR, from bags they took all bottles. We're flying halfway across the globe and particularly over Siberia, so it can not keep stop looking. To Petropavlovsk we arrive after the  12-hour flight and it is   27. of May  morning. Right from the airport, we have fantastic views of the volcano near the city, between the two nearest are Avacin (2741 m) and Korjakskij (3456 m). Because of  the local excess straight from the ocean surface (0 meters) look really great.

We have agreed  Accommodation between tours  with  friends of our leader (John Pala), who met her in 2003 when there was a second time, as he says, on a normal trip. Alona also helped us deal with all entrances to parks and military areas, arranged our accommodation, exchanged money, bought gas bombs,  just goldy Russian girl. From the airport, which is located at about 20 km away from Jelizov, therefore first we  going to her unpack and then we plan to walk to the ocean. From short walks in the end turned out to be 8 km cross-country ski tour, alpine touring after which the plane is no honey, and over a 11 hour time shift compared to Europe. Reward was an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, the way to the beach we arrived on skis. With ski boots and GORE things, I have not walked down the beach.

After purchased food and things that we were missing from the house, then we went for the next few days  to the saddle between two volcanoes have mentioned directly above Petropavlovsk. Several kilometers of us playing by taxis, when a Russian driver says that he continued to go really impossible we take off car in the river basin creek. I recognize that even here I would drive around did not finish. We have about 16 km hike to Huts, where we'll be staying. We are carried 35 kg heavy packs and because of that was agreed that some of us going to travel on a sleds.But the man from hut comes with one scooter  some of us reached 10 km walk, than he could turn the scooter twice. In the evening we go on further acclimatization walk with beautiful views of the two volcanoes.

In  Wednesday the 29th we go to the lower of the two volcanoes. Superelevation of huts is 800 m.n.m.  to  1900 m, which is no fun because of we are going throe   avalanches fields approximately 10 km. On top of the summit , time approx 7 hours (2741 m) reached all crew,  but me and Adam not, we finally turned back about 300 meters below the summit, I do because of concerns about fatigue congress much ice and. I was on fat skies nicknamed  shovel (LINE Prophet 100). In the summit  was blowing very very strong winds and freezing temperatures was due to a large emotional temperature was  below -30 degrees. Snow conditions were not generally to skiing at this time was very good. While the snow was well over 2.5 m or more often, the problem was  in the cold wind at night and warm days, just frozen firn, more ice. I've never saw snow formations and the structures on the surface , this is certainly influenced by the ocean weather and subsoil.

Downhill from Avacin was total ice, it was long but in the lower part with little ofter snow. On the way down to meet a group of Russian climbers who wish from me a lighter to singe to smoke, but it was in my bag and in that cold weather  I didn’t  want to pull, so we  continues. Duration of congress was about  an hour and half  of course with breaks. As I say, that ice is no benefit in such excess. In the cottage we took some meal and went to sleep, because on Thursday we had planned to reach at the snow border of  Korjakskij.  These peak with a base width of 11 km and the elevation above the surrounding countryside over 3,000 m, but in November banged and top 1000 meters covers a volcanic ash and dust which is not suitable for skiing. Snow ended in c. 2400 m, where we taking off  step- up belts  and we are ready to go down  with an elevation of 1600 m. Weather  was  without  wind, beautiful panoramas of the volcano across the valley, so great.

Just here I realized how huge distances are here compared with Europe. Everything here is really very far away, going 13 km on the flat, then only hiking 2000m  to   peaks.  And we are in the lower part of the peninsula. In the northern part of Kamchatka is the largest concentration of volcanoes, especially the Klucevsko volcano (4750 m), which has a base about 40 km.

After returning to the city, there is one day to buy food again, to pack, wash and go again the next day. In the evening  moral little degenerated in  local club and some get of  in the morning. Is 2.5 and we move out into area  Moroznaja volcano (1233 m). It is an area of forests and hills, in summer it's full   of  Grizzly bears. At this time  fortunately still asleep, so we saw only two tracks. The weather went worst, and the next two days we can do small trips to the ridges and descents through the forest down. Observe polar hare and fox, there are traces of elk, wolverines, and behind every tree we scared to see bear. Food is better fasten up in the branches of trees far beyond the tent camp. This trip, I began rename Jizerská 50kA, because we are here mainly hiking  in birch forest as in Father Frost.

Our stay on the other side of the world after 10 days, slowly approaching  to end. We had some adventure still before as and it turned out for my best in Kamchatka. After the classic one day stay in city we took the Russian Kamaz truck to direction Viljucinskij volcano (2173 m). It is a separate majestic volcano starting 150m above sea level on the other hand Avačinské Bay. From the city is about  70 km. Car rental consuming 1 liter / 1 km, while something came out, but the idea hiking  this distance on foot, everyone likes to pay. It's about a three-hour journey in 50 cm to 80 cm deep snow and I think here is a car that would teach V3S than a Hummer. In the evening  snarky  driver (because  of we break the windows while opening with the frame) fired on the spot. We build camp and look over the surrounding beautiful countryside.

In the morning a lot of hard wind blows and down in camp, so at the top must be "sajgon". Around 11 o'clock   weather got better and we moved out. One of the particularity is a long light, from morning 6 hours into the evening around 11, when the sun sets. SO back on trip superelevation on the road to the tom is over 2000 m distance of about 8 km. Already during the hike we see beautiful open views of the mountains, so far as the eye can see. Higher part is 45 degrees steep and we reach peek after  7 hours. From the top you see incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and other volcanoes. Before me was the  longest downhill in my life, to the camp that takes 2 hours. Top 1000 meters frozen firn and ice, the lower part was little better.

After one night in camp and successful  climb we returned to Petropavlovsk, on the way back we stop in the  Marina thermals. Last days on Kamchatka we have made another day trip to the volcano Kozelskij (2250 m), but because of fog we turn 13km back to the road, where we have pick up by taxi. We bought  some souvenirs, caviar and fish. Afternoon 10.5 lifting gear and leaving Russia with 7 hour break in Moscow.

I think that contributed photos sufficiently approaching my humble comment. Much information about the expedition visit, further If you are planning a trip to Russia or directly to Kamchatka, I provide you some information.  Anyway, for me this trip meant a lot, and  in the future I want to get back  in winter months and enjoy the powder there. And even at the cost of tax paid in the form of major frosts.  

  Autor: Jaroslav Všetička (všeťa)

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