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SnowFilm Fest 2016

SnowFilm Fest 2016

here we go again!

Insert: 11.10.2016

Despite of the fact that last winters are not so generous in the mid European region, this year´s winter is coming fast. And because we do not want you to miss the huge amount of snow, freeze, steep faces covered by power and people who are powered by adrenalin, we bring you the SnowFilm Fest again this year! The seventh year in a row.

The gala premiere will take place at Kino Aero October 20. Since then, the festival will be available in more than 200 Czech and Slovak cities until December 5. You can count on the traditional high quality of the selected films across winter activities of foreign and Czech production. On Lovers of freeride, expeditions, mountain climbing and sailing along the endless ocean waters.

And what is this film? Švihálek bros alias "Kejda Ski Team" in the winter season 2014 - 2015 focused on revealing skialp potential of the Moroccan Atlas, in order to find the most interesting downhill line. The result of their efforts is a film Whiskey Berber, who will present the three main areas of the mountain range, leads us to the bustling Marrakesh and show modest life of the Berbers, residents of mountain villages.

Tamara film is a portrait of a woman who loves extremes and lives for them. The film is about the biggest challenge of climbing - climbing K2.

The documentary charts the Siberian Travers 9,288 km long ski tour of the world's longest railway - the Trans-Siberian. Top skiers and filmmakers from the famous Sherpas Cinema after this famous route went to get acquainted with the local community and explore Siberian powder.

In 2014, six women went on a small sailboat from Iceland via Denmark to the west coast of Greenland, where he explored new ski routes and collected data for scientific analysis of this wonderfully wild piece of the world and natčily documentary Aptly titled ice and tides.

Film Expedition Sweden about three friends take you on a polar expedition Swedish royal road (Kungsleden), which runs 450 km through Swedish mountains.

Bulgarian hill in FreeRider can initially give the impression embarrassed, and never dominant and the same planet. But once delve into their inner being, you know the spell of short, steep and very technical downhills. Snow quality is excellent here and man, there really seldom encounter. So be summed Bulgarian film White Gold on a trip of five Czechs who took the car and drove 1500 km long journey to the Bulgarian Rila, explore Eastern culture, the local mountains and terrain for freeride.

Despite the major shift in predicting avalanches are increased numbers of accidents with fatal consequences. White filmmakers embrace not want to moralize or preach, but rather trying to find an explanation of what drives people toward an adrenaline experience and risk taking. The film is about people who get into mortal danger in winter conditions.

The history of the festival dates back to 2011, when it was founded as a sister festival to the Expedition camera. Ever since you brought hundreds of minutes Winter adrenaline that visitors inspired, amused, thrilled and transferred to places where it is necessary hardly dared themselves. Be one of them this year.

On the Web you can easily find the nearest location at which the festival is held and traced here and more information on the films, programs and organization.

The main partners of the festival are HUDY, Buff and CK Kudrna.

We look forward to your visit!

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