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Bormio freeride volume 2

Bormio freeride volume 2

How to avoid a fine

Insert: 22.02.2010
Our gang with members  Mara, Me, Slavic and Buko arrived to Bormio after ISPO stop in Munich. Journey along with the ISPO stop for 5 hours  was very difficult, because of these even Mara allowed me to drive his new Hyundai car. We got little worries about accommodation  in  Bormio. It was because of misunderstanding with another crew member which was on the place already. But everything settle down a get in to our accommodation after 30minutes of troubles. 

We get in and after 30sec. we were sleeping. Next day we expects pow rides. In the morning we get some info about conditions from another team and we wet by cab at the highest possible point in resort Bormio. Visibility is poor, we have Flat light and under 10 centimeters pow  is crust which pull your ski. Next day the light conditions are almost the same, but the snow about 100 percent better. That day, we explored more of forest roads, and the possibility of the ski resort. In the restaurant we get some snack from Italian girl - after  while we find it out that she is native Slovak, so we asked for information about resort and way on local peak  M. Vallecetta 3148 meters.The second day early morning we set strait to that peak, we took first traces on the edge and local guide Giuliano Bordoni join as with one of his client. Hike went fine and after 40 minutes we reached the summit. I got some info from Giuliano Bordoni about resort , where to go, where not to go, and aiming  our selected lines. Way down was totally nice without any problem except of frozen camera.

On the way down we stopped on smaller spines, where one was covered by sun , we gave there a few curves, and I cut a small avalanche. We knew that it was visible from 3 kilometers distant slopes, and we went to the woods as soon as possible. But when we got closer to slope I could see that the police is following me. I did a couple of fast turns a disappeard in the forest. Not everybody from our crew saw the police and especially our photographer. So the police cought him. We had to arrive to local police station and after short discussion we got a 50e fine and a group photo.

I would say this to that avalanche: It was realy small like snowslide. The whole face was realy freezed and the sun did its work on it. But due to the fine, which we got, this avalanche has appeared in Italian media and in the Czech as well, see this:


I see this just like big media campaign, if every small avalanche is presented like ours. It should be more preventive info for people, who are accessing freeride areas without appropriate skills and equipment.

Laws and police. I was in contact with police more than I wanted during this trip. These are the conclusions that I have acquired not only in Bormio. It depends on the particular resort and resort capabilities. Freeriding is strictly prohibited on the places, where the direction of your line, or any direction of avalanches is a piste or a marked path to the piste. I recommend instead to go a little further preferably hike & ride. Due to law you got a fine after every avalanche even if you were 10 kilometers from the resort. I tis possible to get a fine from 25e – 250e. And you would have to show your insurance and avalanche equipment.
 Author: Martin Knybel


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