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The trip to the roof of Austria

The trip to the roof of Austria

The exploring of Carinthia

Insert: 11.12.2010

As usually at the beginning of the season we set the direction of Austria and the Mölltal. This year are with us photographer Martin Klika and Igor, who like to have a proper accommodation. Also, thanks to me after about an hour searching on the web for even a few phones have managed and find luxury apartement for 13e with WiFi to Local teacher with schnapps distillery luxury home offers a truly unexpected price for this.

     Currently, most of resorts in the area is still not in order, so we chose one that will certainly go and it is Mölltal Glacier. We visited the resort in the best possible time, just after a huuge snow fall, about 40 cm of fresh powder that we are all at the beginning of the season certainly welcome. Therefore, do not hesitate and go where they can be with caution on the rocks, which are dangerously hidding under the surface. During the afternoon break we had the honor to introduce to hangout with "Kastanek", who spend the winter in most of the time and which we all had the opportunity to hear because of his contributions under the articles. However, the day went on and so we are again after the lunch break went up the last of his strength, even though we did not get much sleep last night. Ski day we ended up intact long the line, which gave the magnificent end to the first riding. So the first day in this resort was without problems. Evening was a classic. David hacks first WiFi network in range, even when the local is free and gives dangerously klikoš fifth and half of my party gives meteorism really hard time.

     Day two we decided to visit the Heiligenblut - Großglockner resort , which has been at lower altitudes, but it had to offer rides in the woods. At the beginning of the day, I was pleasantly surprised by the ski pass discount on the 25 euros. Resort Heiligenblut - Großglockner in the upper part of a true center and the BM from the lower paradise of forests and barbed wire. Conditions on the west side were the best. Fortunately we found powder in the lower parts of the forest that day turned inside out. Third, I decided to visit this resort again, but it pours, and thus falls unexpected decision. Come take pictures with flash. We did not buy skipasses and stomps. My energy went down rapidly after the 6th attempt to shoot the cross is still not based on the pillows. It's really tiring work, and when after 5 hours we have 12 interesting photos I've really all drenched to the bone. The photo just does not arise, flash carrier I, and principally Vojta and Mart must still tread. Vojta was the main flash carrier and worked really hard and because he received just rewards in the form of beautiful photos where the main actor, and which is on the front page of the PWL. The third day it was mainly about photography, which involves a lot of patience, but certainly for the table. However, judge for yourself.

     Day Four, the last day of departure but fell Nassfeld resort. Thanks to free skipasses from SNOW magazine and I had the opportunity to visit this resort. Terms were not catastrophic in comparison to previous days. At an altitude of 2000 meters was a plus +5 degrees and rainy. Even though the Centre had much snow most of the previous government departments, was not due to snow and visibility of the terrain safely ride down. We rode the ski equipment and trained and physically. As far as the terrain is very rugged terrain with a lot of "cushion", just below the cable car, which we could evaluate the words "this could be done." The last day we finished with the conditions a little earlier and headed back home.

     Created many beautiful pictures that I feel like opening a new chapter freeride photography.

Dave & Mart

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