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Christmas at Montafon

Christmas at Montafon

Insert: 15.01.2013
Well as a tradition we are heading for Christmas to Austrian Arlberg. This place has never disappointed us with the snow conditions. We had to rent two mobile homes and our crew grew up to six people and we are ready to ride.

We are starting the trip and the distance to the Arlberg is about 1000kms. The journey is quite pleasant because of the mobile homes which are nice and luxury. The fuel consumption is about 16l / 100kms which is kind a high number. But nobody cares :) . After the arrival all crew is going to sleep immediately and everybody cannot wait till the morning sun will come.

Well morning is not that nice as it supposed to be. Short rain convinced bunch of us to stay in the car. But me, as a pure rider, I am going with a small group for a small area exploration. The situation does not look pretty well. It is snowing but very wet snow. So we keep riding at the highest altitudes. The forecast is promising for tomorrow so we end up early and going to caravan for a bunch of beers now.

The second morning looks much better. We woke up to the powder day even on a parking lot. So we are heading straight to the mountains. The snow is nice fresh deep powder which is occasionally changing with ice spots. Next day is also snowing so the runs are excellent and we are getting powder face shots. Well not everything is perfect and my rental ski bindings gave it up. I felt and one ski hit me after couple of meters sliding. The result is broken rib. Well never mind. As a pure rider I am taking Brufen and heading to “Jeremy Jones” style line. You can see the last picture on the left side of this article. This really worth the pain as the hike and line itself were very steep and couloirs were full of powder.

For the next days I am trying to ride at least slopes. Brufen is not helping anymore. Filip Paseka and Aleš Zeman are taking their split boards and are going to check what the area offers out of bounds. They found very nice hikes and lines.

The night before the New Year´s eve was a huge party night. When we ended up at 3 in the morning I was thinking it is 11 p.m. day before. Just a perfect party night. Bohďa was a DJ with her “hamburger” player so nobody dare to sleep in the caravan. The New Year´s evening was just a small party in comparison with this one.

During this trip we were facing some problems with heating and water in our caravans. But this is the charm of staying deep in the mountains with mobile homes. Both crews were super good and relaxing so this trip had an epic powder end.

Thanks to Martin Grobař you can check out nice photos right next to the article. He is pushing hard on the snowborad and with camera as well. But you can judge this by yourselves.
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 Author: Martin Knybel

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