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The white line

The white line

Galas in action again....

Insert: 15.12.2010

When a bunch of the best freeriders puts together, it means only one thing: top quality spectacle and beautiful shots. Cameraman Tomáš Galásek decided to use this so he addressed the czech freeride tops. One word made another and a new project was born. It’s aim is to create a unique freeride video, which, although is primarily about freeride skiing, doesn’t stay only by this topic and will try to have a look at the life path of the riders, how every one of them makes his own line through also beyond the mountains – in everyday life. This freeride movie will be shot in the upcoming winter season 2010/2011 and will introduce Simona Hrstková, Marek Macháèek, Jiøí Lausecker, Robin Kaleta and young freeride enthusiasts, alias „Guys from Reka“ (Petr Milerski, Lukáš Bílko, Lukáš Niemczyk, David Sztefek). We can look forward to the premiere in autumn 2011. Here is a teaser to entice:
OAeV - Alpenverein

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