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Slovensko veekend.

Insert: 27.01.2010
Because lack of snow in Czech Beskydy mountains for  freeride  we decided to go to Slovakia. Preliminary reports from rider Wlado were positive, so we didn’t take so long time to make decision to go.

On Saturday morning we hit the road in crew I, Meza in one car and another car driven  by Hungarian, John, my dad, Paul and Vence.At Vratna we arrived first, shortly after as arrived Vlado, Peťo and Boris. We took  the gondola lift and went to Snilovske saddle, where we had to hike.  We went  to Krivan. Weather is a luxurious, below as was clouds  and above bright clear sky, these weather was not often there.On Krivan  we spent quite a lot of time taking pictures on drops, Meza right from the first drop  felt  on rock, and  destroy his brand new ski brand Choc. When there's nothing  to drop , and all the fresh snow is rutted, so we moved into the pub near the lift  for refreshment. After  short break we set off for Hromove, where we took  the penultimate ride. In the trough is enough snow, but down in the woods it's weaker, we manage to go on skis to the Junosik  jump , and from there  we continued on foot. To the parking from there it was about thirty minute hike mostly in creek.The next day we headed into the Jasna mountains. From the Czech part of expedition remain Meza and  me m the others went  home. Meza arranged friends accommodation  in Zilina, in the evening we were a little socially tired but we managed woke up at 7 in the morning and went to Jasna.

In Jasna Vlado and Peto was waiting for us. The weather was same as previous day, so again bright clear sky. So we went up to the Konsky Grun, there we have met with Stanka and Stano.  First ride we decided to try the south side of Chopok(Freeride zone 1), it was not the ideal choice, the snow  there was  totally crusty like concrete .  We went to the stone hut for a cabbage soup and went to try  in another side  Derese(Freeride zone 2). There the situation was completely different, suddenly I felt like I was on Alaska. Lot of powder was everywhere, some paces was little harder , but not so hard that you couldn’t rip that out. Here we catch two rides and it was time to go back to the direction of  CR, but because forecast it should dump here again, so we expect the imminent return to the location.

author: Viktor

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