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Austrian neighborhood

Austrian neighborhood

Knybel bros are back

Insert: 10.03.2016
Take what life gives you and get the maximum out of it. This is how I would define our 3 days trip to Tauplitz area. Enjoy this one and we will bring you another one very soon.

After giving a heads up about the trip to our BAU crew, I found out that there are other priorities of other members standing it way to join and for that reason only me and my brother set our for a journey to the nearest pow location.

So we started with Tauplitz where eventually conditions were not 100% as we hoped for. Upper part of the resort was okey but hard firm was felt under the new layer of snow. This was caused by warm current couple days before. After morning warm up we decided to sell out lift tickets and go for hiking.

We hiked up via tour for touring hiker so the there were already lines on the path. We had little difficulties where our skins got wet and where snow stuck to it and not getting off. This was pretty exhausting. In the upper part of the resort we faced a little conflict which was cased by a temper tantrum from a lifty due to crossing track of T bar lift. Anyway we had no ticket to lose so we argue and dispute. Not understanding a word from 3cm distance was quite intense but luckily nodding to all was the way to finish the conversation.The other day we are riding resort nearby Tauplitz where snow condition is much better. Hot current trying to spoil or time there but luckily it happened at the end of the hard shift.

Last day of our trip we had a hard time to decide where to go next. Over night we had about 4cm of freshly snow. Finally decision wen tot Wurzeralm where after arrival finding out that that link between upper and lower part of the resort if out of control due to some technical difficulties. Upper part of the resort was all good, all lifts in operations. Easy decision when equipped with touring stuff. Hike up to upper part of the resort after 1,30hours. Nonetheless in order to buy a ticket via card you needed to buy it at that base part (lower part, at the parking lot). After couple of minutes of hesitation we we able to ask lifty to take us back via snow cat. After returning back with ticket we were finally able to discover rest of the resorts and its snow conditions, which were pretty much destroyed by all the skiers and with also snow crust under. 

We were still able to make us some punk photos please see gallery. 

Photos: here

Author: Martin Knybel
OAeV - Alpenverein

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