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Pustevny Woodoo

Pustevny Woodoo

aneb čtvrteční dopoledne

Insert: 06.02.2010
During Wednesday we have carefully watched how much snow is in our area where  is dumping  in Valachia, around the 4 pm I made clear decision - tomorrow we are going to try Pustevny. Following information from the previous weekend, when there Zelda Brothers sharpening crust, we assess that it could be better, and sometimes could be powder ...

We go by car for direction to Bečvanského valley in Czech Republic, parked with acquaintances at the top at the lift (I don't recommended you to go up here,  if you do not know anyone there, otherwise there is an immediate tow).We putting on  our ski boots, we take our ski and  hike up to the summit Okrouhlý. First we choose a popular ride  around the rear exit of the forest nursery  to the chair lift bottom station.  Conditions here are such that I telling  to  my self  what I'm doing here. Pow blow up to the  crust for the all time down. Buy a ticket for 3 hours and leaving at an old chairlift.

On  way up, we find it out  that we have chosen the worst option, because more snow is on the western side of the mountains and of the north we went. Another ride is much better, although some times we find a little crust. Anyway, in below part we find an interesting parts with powder. Followed another rides  are getting better, because before you  appear more deep powder places. Around 12.30 we finish  up leaving back to Rožnov to work ...

Pustevny om  Thursday were really relaxed, the sun was shining and it was good. Only the chairlift, is a punishment, but on the other hand, let's be glad that there is. The second group rode woods next to a  T bar lift and slope "Mezák", which was pretty much on snow, so here it was good. This section was 50 cm in some places, new.

Unfortunately, on Friday came the thaw in the Rožnov sun was +8 ° C, so all the snow in the woods  melted out ,and on the  top was above +5 ° C. So disaster. But it should start again a little snow, so we all pray for all snow men, to something  dump


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