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Honza Navrátil for

Honza Navrátil for

new editor is coming

Insert: 19.01.2013
Increasing number of readers which are visiting is also increasing number of our editors. Honza Navrátil is our new member. For the imagine who Honza is and what he does please check following article. Or you can also visit his website HERE

Skitouring or skialpinism is experiencing a big boom during last years. Who from skiers, snowboarders have not heard about climbing skis or climbing bindings? I think everybody. Well what could be better than hiking in the middle of mountains and choose your own fresh line way beyond the ski resort boundaries? This looks like a dream. But this is an old style a many people love this style. In the year 1555 Olaus Magnus described skis with climbing skins in his book History of the northern people. And how do you think Mr. Friedrich Nansen went accross a Greenland? Well now we call a skialpinism or alpine touring almost every move behind the boundaries of ski resort.

So we could not forget about this aspect or style of being in mountains here at Even the biggest ski and snowboard companies are investing a lot of resources to develop a new climbing gear. Our new member Honza Navrátil – climber, avalanche specialist and founder of an outdoor and climbing school Summit Leader, will lead this new section called Alpine Touring.

Honza is saying about himself that mountains belongs to his live. He grew up in one from the biggest mountains in Czech – Jeseníky so he spent a lot of time in them since his childhood. After some time he felt that some higher summits are calling. They were calling so loud that this also became his life and job. Past the years he has never forgotten about his home resort and is still organizing avalanche camps or skitouring events for public.

And now we would like to give a space for Honza, to tell more about new section:

Because I spend a lot of time guiding my clients through mountains I managed to get a lot of experience. It is about 160+ days during the year and I would like to give and share this experience with you, readers of You can look forward to interesting reports from ski touring trips or expeditions. There will be some tips and tricks for begginers as well as for experienced riders. You might be interested about a legal issues with moving in the mountains in the Europe.

During my traveling and skiing in the mountans I see a lot of people who are taking useless risks and are dangerous for themselves and what is worse, dangerous for others. Because of this I will open a small series here about the avalanche methodology, rescue etc. You will find out more information about why is the snow becoming an avalanche and how to avoid it.

A well known adage says that thare is no bad weather out there but we are only not prepared for it. So you should not appear in the mountains whithout a proper equipment. We will test the best gear for you and make more reviews here at in the TECHNET section. Well no worries, we will push the gear to its limits to make sure, this is the right one.

And as a person who loves mountains and the winter ones in particular I hope, you will enjoy my articles. Hope that the information inside the articles will be usefull and the reading will take you into the game. In our outdoor and climing school we are trying to be unique and the best in what we do. So you can bet that we will continue in this style here at

Authors: Jirka Zelinka and Honza Navrátil (Summit Leader – outdoor and climbing school)



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