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Fieberbrunn OPEN – brief info

Fieberbrunn OPEN – brief info

Qualification in Fieberbrunn was not according to a plan.

Insert: 09.02.2010
After leaving for the first race of this season, nobody knew how bad it could turnover. Upon arrival at the destination and then finding out that there will not be any competiton is just a bad info especially for me.

On 6/2/2010, the qualification for the FWT Scott at Big Mountain Fieberbrunn should have taken place in a very famous city of Fieberbrunn. Last year i was 15th I hoped that this year I will attend the competiton also, so I was training as much as possible. Everything went smoothly until the day before the race, when it was announced cancellation of the qualification (because of bad weather). This information would not be quite so tragic, if the qualification was postponed to another day. But they did not, because qualification have been canceled completely. After reading that info from the email I was unpleasantly surprised and very disappointed because I had arrived the day before in order to get into a conditon.

So how it is going to be? According to organizers, the FWT competition will be run without qualifications, whereas selected riders who will get a wild card (wildcard) get into the main race. The main race, which is the 11 – 18th of February 2nd 2010 will be representatived by only onw CZE rider who is Robin Kaleta (previous year he was 8th), and who was placed directly into the main competition without qualifications.

That's everything concerning the FWT qualification in Fieberbrunn. Since I have been in that location, I visited Sport Gastain, Lofer, Steinplatte Waidring from which I give only a very brief info about current conditions.

Lofer: Resort where is not so many freeride runs like in the resort mentioned below, is still worth to vizit coz there is a very small good section which is very steep and with pretty difficult drop at the end. On the day of our arrival the condition was good  coz snow was  melting and our skies needed some wax which we did not have.

Steinplatte Waidring:  New resort which was not explored by Powderline team yet.Definitely recommend! At the time of arrival was dumping a lot and I must say there is a terrain that is really worth it. Current images of pillows you can see on the left side of the screen.

Sport Gastain: Dumped around  30 cm of new powder. Only first part of the lift was running because of strong blizzard at the top section. Really cool runs in the woods without a single seizure. I wish we could stay longer.

Text: David Knybel

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