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US freeski riders would like to ride the Alps

US freeski riders would like to ride the Alps

American dream about wild Europe's terrain.

Insert: 27.11.2010
In a chase for information I came across an interesting article that was published on one of the most famous American Freeski servers There I was amazed how Americans or rather an author of the article, see Europe and his view on the Alps. The author quite profusely praised for the European mountains and in the introduction claim that resort such as Whistler Blackcomb, Alta, Jackson Hall just don’t stack up to a place called Europe.

The author also discusses why it´s worth it to work whole summer to earn a little more money, perhaps due to overtime, and travel overseas. After all, fly to Zurich than Salt Lake, is opposed to US riders. Moreover, due to falling dollar they don´t have it easy and every globe-trotting, freeride American has to deal with this obstacle. In this article you also learn how to minimize costs. For many of us it’s probably obvious, but for a visit from overseas it might be useful. For example, to hire a van car and sleep in it, choose a smaller resort that has a lot of wild terrain to offer, but the price is cheaper for the ski passes or purchase the Europass and move around Europe by train. Furthermorem, from choosing a city and riding to the local resorts, etc.

The authors also stated that: " Philosophy that makes Europe the best place to go if you want to ski truly wild terrain."

In my opinion it is a very interesting article, which sometimes seemed more like advertising than an article, but who knows. However, as we dream of riding US deep powder, so now maybe the US riders dream of mountains in Europe. Perhaps it is because information, such as FWT, the European Freeski videos, etc. Anyway the conclusion is:” Once you meet up with the "US Yank" somewhere in the "powder", show him what a "wild" word means (snow crust etc.)

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