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90% Jones

90% Jones

powder and powder again

Insert: 22.02.2013
Crew copmposed by Filip Paseka, Vítek Ludvík and Aleš Zeman has a chance to hike and ride perfect terrains full of powder with Jeremy Jones. How it went and how they enjoyed a powder orgy you can check in the following article.
Penken, Photo: Vítek Ludvík
Penken, Photo: Vítek Ludvík
Penken, Photo: Vítek Ludvík
(en): Penken, Photo: Vítek Ludvík

The first time it was in Anchorage, sometime in the 1996. I was dealing with some hiking with snowboarder Jay Liska at his shop. He pulled splitboard to me with the fact that it's the best right after the heliboarding. Somehow it seemed weird to me. I took my snowshoes and went on my own. When you are hiking mountains with a group where everybody has the snowshoes there is no problem.

At that splitboard from Alaska, longitudinally cut Generics AK  I remembered at time when I was in Canada, knee-deep in powder walking on snowshoes with freeskiers. I was almost dead on the track far behind them and could not even catch those considerably weaker. Then I climbed to the roof in Whistler and after fourteen days after beating with hammer to nails I took the cash and bought my firts splitboard from Burton.

It was at first glance a lot sophisticated equipment. Lots precisly made components that exactly fit into each other. But only on the living room carpet. When I started to use it the big excitement was gone. The thing froze, needed a lot of violence, and even after that it did not work as it should. But when I went back to hike with skiers, I boldly coined the track.

It did not take too long and Burton went out of the house. Instead, I took freeride board with really wide tip and a short tale made by LTB and the Voile kit. Voile is much easier system, who acts a little Romanian. Ever since I did not change it. First was for what, and second of all works just fine for years. So that is fantastic.

With this handy stuff  I jumped into Fíďas and Zemič in the car and we went to have a little powder trip into the mountains. A couple of days we were on the Penken having fun with locals and competed in races with the best white line. But there was a cloud of people so after three days we got tired. The fourth day we packed up and left to see the next valley. Even though we were still within striking distance of Hintertux, but the ammount of snow was three times as bigger. We stayed at the hut, where only skialpinists are coming  because it is just ten kilometers above the parking lot. Cottager was a bit laconic but when we started to be outnumbered he clamed down. Two hours after we arrived with the rest of the crew arrived also Jeremy Jones, who had this little splitboard gathering in charge.

Jeremy, I saw the third time that day. The first was in Haines, Alaska, where we were playing fresbee and golf while away a long time while waiting for better weather, the second time in the film Deeper and now we drank together Weizen Bier.

In the morning we went for a  foggy hike into the hills. We went all together through a small pine tree. It was a bit boring, mainly because we were waiting all the time for a weaker pieces, but we promised from it , that there will be something to see and learn. When the scenario repeated the next day and we saw that the master of splitboards was doing everything as well as we do, and that there is nothing to see and learn, we took off on the third day and went on our own hike. We could seeon Jeremy´s eyes that he would also prefer to ride some of the stepps around, but it was a business trip for him and he chose something for everybody..

Splitboarding have recently dug up from underground and it is also thanks to Jeremy and his films about hiking. His company seems to be quite all right and with good vision for the future. Just me  and Zemič we had LTB, everyone else stepped on Jones with binding Karakoram, occasionally someone Spark. Actually, it all comes from the system Voile, but it's a little better tuned. Zemič and Fiďas are saing that Spak is cool. So ok I believe them.

In each case, we were kiking for those remaining days alone in three. Powder was above the knee and hills without a single trace.  Those skialpinists climb up a hill only to have it climbed. They just do not care that they could put down ride in powder. And when they ride they simply ride around thei own tracks, which they went up. So every day two runs with an elevation of over 600 meters, occasionally a photo, stretching, after dinner beer and to bed. It is therefore true that a man can take pedaling. A few days on the Penken signed a mark of pain on us too, so we have started to think that the trip is ending. After five days of hiking, we agreed that it was enough, we packed up and went home. But still hungry for powder,we have made another plan where to gor for our next splitboard tripr.

Author: Vítek Ludvík
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